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  1. Problem exporting processors

    Make sure traffic isn't stopping the trucks from picking up the processors. If you don't see the trucks driving around then chalk it up to server issues. I have had a few citys fail because the server suddenly decides go tits up.
  2. Could SimCity 2013 Ever be Fixed?

    Spread the word... The problems with the servers is getting fixed, more and more people are starting to be able to play... Soon they can focus there attention on the actual problems, which at first was hidden by these servers... Like pathfinding and such... Note: Not a hijacking attempt, just trying to get some positive feelings into the scene... Hey Yilmas, sad to say that I have been playing this game for a bit now and even once you manage to get into a game there are some seriously fundamental aspects to the game that are broken. Knowing you, I know you would be just as upset as lots of people are if you had a chance to experience how badly this game was executed.