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  1. Region is turning out great! Still 5 spots open though, be sure to join us if you're a social player ;-)
  2. I was looking for exactly this! I'll be joining you :-) EDIT: I've added you, at the moment I can only find Titan Gorge maps through the Join Game option...
  3. Yeah, it's the newest one afaik
  4. Hey everybody, I just started a new region (Simtopia) on the Antarctica server. Looking for social people to join me! Add me on Origin for an invitation.
  5. upgrades to roads...

    Theres a button next to the type of roads (in the roads menu). Alternatively, press 'R' when in roads menu EDIT: And that button would be the upgrade button ;-)
  6. Sent you a friend invite just now, not sure about city planning yet