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  1. I haven't but just have now, seems its something that cant be fixed Thanks for the help JGellock
  2. Hi. Not sure if anyone has a way of fixing this. I have set up a city specialising in trade. I have 2 ore mines, 3 smelting factories, 4 processor factories and 3 consumer electronic factories. All goods were importing/ exporting as expected with no problems at all. This morning I logged on and found nothing was importing, nothing was exporting, nothing was being moved around. Trading had just stopped. All depo trucks had vanished and all factories were either full or missing materials they needed. I've tried deleting and rebuilding a trade building but all that happened was those goods I wanted importing got delivered but then everything stopped again. If anyone has any ideas as to how to fix this, I'd be more than thankful!!!
  3. Origin Friends

    Feel free to add me. biggerb123. I'm happy to build whatever is needed to help out
  4. Hi Jurenic. I'd love to join in!!! My Origin name is biggerb123. I'll be playing more or less most days