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  1. Q: How do you make your own alloy? A: Edit your recycling plant. I like to bulldoze the plastic reclamation line that comes default and replace with 3 alloy reclamation lines. Q: Do you know to build computers or TV's? A: You need a consumer electronics factory. Q: My current processor plant has a limit of 10 tons of alloy, and my trade depot has a limit of 20 tons of alloy, because my city doesn't produce its own alloy and I don't want to be overcharged for alloy, if I buy 20 tons of alloy this month how will it be distributed to my processor plant? A: You cannot upgrade the storage capacity of processor plants. It will always be 10 tons of alloy and 1000 crates of plastic. When you buy alloy, it will be delivered to your trade depot / trade port. It will then be delivered 5 tons at a time to a processor factory. Q: If my processor plant has 8.3 tons of alloy, will the game deliver all 20 tons (mind you I only have a 10 ton limit at the processor plant) to the processor plant and the rest of the alloy will just disappear or will they deliver the alloy 1.7 tons of alloy and bring the rest back to the trade depot? A: A processor factory will only "ask" for alloy delivery if its storage of alloy drops below 5 tons. Each delivery truck will deliver 5 tons of alloy. The game will not allow deliveries to exceed the capacity of a plant or depot/port. Hope this helps.
  2. Once you get processor factories up, the simoleon starts blowing in: My goal is to achieve end-game (city no longer develops any further) by end of Year 2. Then you'll have enough money to start another city in the region. (Population was down after a massive zombie attack)
  3. For me, recycling is *especially* useful as a source of Alloy for producing processors. Just buy plastics from the global market. In my city below, 6200 recycling bins gets recycled to enough alloy to run one processor factory continuously with 4 processor assembly lines. 8000 recycling bins could run two processor factories continuously with 4 processor assembly lines each.