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  1. Air Pollution Problems

    Yea I think the air pollution mechanic is flawed, I was in a region all by myself, everything was low density and in the corner of my city where the wind was blowing, I plopped down a garbage dump with one incenerator. Withing maybe 10 minutes I checked the air pollution data map to find that my whole city tile was full of air pollution and causing my citizens to get sick. (No message about regional air pollution rising, which is something I see every 5 minutes on populated regions) The wind should of blew the pollution right out of my city without touching my other zones. I also think traffic causing pollution aswell as other cities pollution blowing into yours is a very terrible mechanic since they do not offer us some way to counter it. Like say, researching an air purifier in the Science department of a University, but nope. (Also let me just say that the overall lack of stuff you can research and obtain is appalling) Also I'm pretty sure just having a bunch of high density skyscrapers causes some air pollution. Also on another note, the garbage dump with ground pollution is another thing that they need to work on because it is frustrating since you cannot get your city to 100% recycle and cannot ship your garbage out of the region like some places do in real life.
  2. Can someone please give me some insight on why medium wealth homes are being built on areas where high wealth homes should be? The land value is the highest it can be, the homes will start off as mansions, but then turn into row homes and it frustrates me. Also mansions will often turn into medium wealth apartment complexes and I don't know why that happens either. I usually just keep deleting them until high wealth starts building, but it's extremely frustrating. Also my damand is equal for every wealth, meaning that the game just wants me to zone any kind of residential, but all my shoppes are high wealth as are most of my buildings. Is anyone else having this problem? It's incredibly ugly seeing high wealth high rises next to little dark row homes when the row homes should also be high wealth high rises too. And don't even get me started on how this game messes up my perfect row of mansions when it upgrades density, causing me to place parks and such to get the new homes where they should be.
  3. After actually managing to get onto a SimCity sever and playing a couple hours of the game I came across a problem that I really do not know how to fix. My City was doing great, but then took a turn for the worst. I have all high wealth residential zones,alot of them, and I have high wealth commercial zones. For some reason my residents are complaining about nowhere to shop, while the commerical zones are complaining about having no shoppers. Im baffled as to why this is, I have bus transport and opened up a train station to no avail. Idk if this is a bug or what but its making lots of vacant buildings and its also annoying me. I don't get how my commerical lots could complain about no shoppers while my residents are complaining about nowhere to shop, it doesn't make any sense. If anyone has a solution or help of any kind, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.