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  1. Idea Suggestion: Districts

    My apologies if this has already been discuss. Add the ability to create districts which are independent of zoning areas and can eliminate the dreaded circle of influence . One type which is purely cosmetic, architecture district which control the type of buildings ie: create a Chinatown for example. The important ones would be School, Police and Fire Districts. So for example, any school inside the district will serve the residents of that district, placement of the schools, fire station, etc does not matter. Ideally the district can be of any shape but just a adjustable rectangle would be fine and is more realistic than using circles. Use can also use district for hospitals. Creating rural farm towns in Simcity 4 was quite frustrating, typically these small towns have a huge school district served by a small school. Anyways, just offering an idea...
  2. 24 Hours of Gameplay. Must Read!

    The save feature may be hacked with ease, disconnecting the game from the server shouldn't be too difficult. What code is running on the server is the hard part.
  3. 24 Hours of Gameplay. Must Read!

    I just wish the DRM/servers are less restrictive for single mode play. The servers can authorize your game to play or even crypt the files stored on your system and save the key on the servers. I just wonder how much money is spent on servers compared to losses from piracy. Is EA spending 20 million to save 10 million from pirates loses?
  4. Ditched the game

    Yea, I agree. Get pass all the noise concerning the servers/DRM issue and you will find expeience players saying WTF? One post I read, his whole town became gridlocked. The problem, too many bus station with buses backing up traffic. This is not a puzzle game where you need to find that secret door, it is a simulation where you resolve problems based on information.
  5. I sent a suggestion to Civitas, use the open source model for the simulation engine. There have been some attempts at this (OpenCity, LinCity). The original SimCity is now open source but under the control of EA. I doubt it is of any value now, very old code. On a global level, I sure there are alot of smart folks out there who would love to work on a simulation engine if it was open source. To produce a product, the interface could be propritary.