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  1. How do you build a hotel?

    Yep. The only way to make hotels is to grow them through commercial zoning. Like SirChick said, it looks like they come up in tourist type cities mainly. Just place your commercial zones near tourist attractions like casinos and tourist attractions and made your roads at least medium density and they'll start popping up. Make sure you put up your tourist data layer up to see which ones are hotels and which ones are not.
  2. Recycling

    Yeah I thought it might be because it was pretty small too (only 31k). I was sharing the trucks with my other cities though. Didnt seem like it was getting anything from them though. Although it is small, I did pretty much fill up all of the available land space with residentials and industrial only and schools all the way up the the university because I knew recycling required educated sims. Makes me wonder how you're even able to get up to the 200k + range of residents in such a small plot of land... I played for a pretty solid amount of time. Hopefully I'll get there one day lol
  3. Recycling

    Just curious if anyone has tried playing with recycling? I've found it's pretty hard for me... I get some recycling but not a nice continuous flow.. then again I havent had a nice steady flow with anything i try to focus on in the game so far. Just wondering what others have tried to be successful in the tech specialization.