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  1. A small review from an unskilled player--Haven't played any SimCity in years and even then I wasn't good at it. I just play the game for fun, wanting to build a dream city. Issues-First time playing: After downloading the game last night, I played it for a few hours. It was pretty interesting; however, there were many graphical issues where roads would be... I dunno the word... missing? I mean they were there but surrounding terrain caused graphical issues. Cities seemed a bit small and not what I remember when I played previous SC games but I read of that before so I knew that would be an issue. Anyway, I played in Sandbox Mode in a private instance--I'm too shy to play in a public region and I was going to want to cheat anyway lol. Issues after Coming Back to Play: I don't know if anyone else is experiencing these issues, perhaps someone can confirm? I loaded up the game and wanted to start a completely new region. I wanted to delete the first abysmal region but it doesn't seem there is a way to. The "Abandon" function does not work for neither city or region. After attempting to create a new private region in Sandbox Mode, the loaded game was not in SB-Mode and I couldn't activate any of those cheats to increase money. After relaoding the game, I could no longer even start a new region/city or join anyone else's. I could see other users' regions but couldn't activate a city and received error message. I am assuming that this issue is related to server issues. Now, after it seems that the server issues have cleared, I joined a different server, West Coast instead of East Coast. It opens up with the Tutorial Scenario and after loading it up, I would be in the city; however, none of the construction buttons were activated. Basically, I coulnd't do crap except look at the Simoleons drain. Sigh... I really wanted to enjoy this game but all of these issues are just crazy.