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    am i the only one who thinks RHW looks hyper unrealistic? I've never seen interchanges in real life that look anything like 95% of the RHW stuff i see on here, the textures and straight sections look great but the interchanges look terrible. The MHW and NAM addons to MHW look way more realistic imo.
  2. Hey the problem was caused by setting the cpu priority to High. Usually i do this for all my games and it improves performance. Solved!!
  3. Hi guys, i am on 1.1638. Not sure of my cpu, it's some kind of AMD 4-core 4.1ghz. Graphic card is a radeon 5750HD i believe. overclocked with the built in software. I am having a problem with stuttering audio in simcity 4. -When i alt tab into or out of the game, for about a second, the audio is fine -I am running at 1-core affinity, the game ran better on multi-core affinity but it crashed to desktop often. -Maybe 10% of the times i boot the program, the stuttering audio never occurs. -The stuttering audio might randomly stop while i am playing and after that the game runs fine. Could be 5 minutes, could be 30 mins. Basically i have been playing on mute with music cause of this stupid stuttering audio. Anyone had this problem? This is my launch shortcut "C:\Program Files (x86)\Simcity 4\SimCity 4.exe" -intro:off -CPUCount:1 -CustomResolution:enabled -r1366x768x32
  4. Hi guys, I haven't played this game for a long time, and just reinstalled it. I saw the tiny city size on the new SimCity so I decided to just play the old one. I am looking for a newbie's guide to modding and adding BATs, or maybe a recommended mod list for SC4. I don't want to break the game or get any crashes or anything. I already got the NAM mod (haven't installed yet) What mods/BATs have you got that you can't live without? Thanks