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  1. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Wait - larger regions with more cities have smaller cities than smaller regions with fewer cities... or no? EB
  2. Your suggestion worked. The game is just really picky about the starting and ending points for bridges.
  3. Thanks! I'll give it a go. Right now I'm running the game in Parallels on OS X, and it seems to work just fine. I'd have a lot more to say if I could build a bridge. EB
  4. I ask because I tried to put down a wind generator but was told I could only put it on a snap point (which I'm assuming is a road) but I could never find one. Part of my problem is that I'm confined to this tiny slip of land until/unless I can build the bridge over the river. I've tried making roads across the river at every point I could find but ran into the same problem over and over. Are bridges something I have to unlock as a new player, in which case I'd be better served starting with a land-locked city? EB
  5. I started a city with a thin slip of land next to the highway and the bulk of the land over the river. Dragging my road over the water doesn't work. I get an error telling me the grade is too steep. I see no options in the road menu for building a bridge. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, EB PS: Is there a way to rotate buildings before I plop them? How do I do that?