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  1. And so, a new furry journey begins... Hi guys! After some issues and loud, angry arguments with my school administrators, I've restarted my YouTube channel, UrbanFoxx, to regain complete control over it once more. Up until now, my Vice Principal had been claiming complete control over my channel, and I got fed up after an incident regarding 12 fake accounts! I apologize to my previous subscribers, especially @Haljackey. I'll try not to have this happen again, but no guarantees, as my VP prowls the internet looking for channels competing with the school's. You can see the channel here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCa7vngUHu9UCPSQkRJdcJkA Also, I've created what I believe to be the first SC4/CSL discord under my channel name: I also have a chat dedicated to my two City journals, but sadly, these are private. However, I do have a SimCity 4 and 2013 room, and a CSL room. You can look at the discord here: https://discord.gg/yDNYD4z You'll have to contact me to become a member, but I hope to see some City-builders there.
  2. Mt. Thorntown

    Mt. Thorntown Mt. Thorntown is a municipality in the northeaster section of the Minderian Republic, a country on the planet of Astergea in the Aires constellation, approximately 66 light years away from Earth. This city is primarily known for its vast commercial options, as well as being a major tourist spot for those looking for a mountain getaway. The city reported a population of 20,000 during the 3265 census. This is a shot of one of three commercial districts in the city, showing a Sam's Club, directly adjacent to a Walmart for those who don't want to purchase a annual membership. A significantly smaller commercial district in the central portion of Mt. Thorntown. Here, you see an Outback, a Ruby Tuesday, and a Burlington Coat Factory. This is Mt. Thorntown High School, home to the Wolf Pack. This school has some of the lowest MAT scores in the country, with a score on 1112/1500. This makes the school a C school, with few schools below it in all of Minderia. The largest commercial district in the city, home to the local McDonald's, a Friendly's Ice Cream (Best Ice Cream EVER) and a Carmax Auto Center. This is also where the hotels are, for anyone just coming off the Minderia Turnpike (Highway W3). Finally, a small piece of outer suburbia near the police station. Just an image to finish this off. (I really need some new houses.)
  3. The Haqathaville Files

    Welcome to Haqathaville! Please know that any persons possessing this set of documents is subject to an intricate production. This is a collection of four videos over the course of four weeks showcasing the construction of our fine city. We have a population of over 15,000, decent schools, and a lot more. These files have recently been declassified, so enjoy! Replies will be included in the following entry: Episode 2. Please enjoy the monthly update, as we will have them on the first of every month. To see each episode when it goes live, do go subscribe to UrbanFoxx Also, the Studio responsible for this project has its own discord. If you want to stay updated on the SparkleCity Monthly livestreams, other SimCity series, and even other games, as well as suggest a game for Foxie to play, do go join: UrbanFoxx Discord
  4. SparkleMars

    And Part 3 is here! Deep financial troubles ahead.
  5. SparkleMars

    Anyways, Part 3 will come out tomorrow, but to tie you guys over until 2PM EDT Tomorrow, here's Part 2: As for replies: @Schulmanator I may bring Shulmania's 2070 Mars Colony to the card in the future. Just got to work on Sparkle's Mars Colony first, then Minderia's @Jumping Spider You should feel right at home is Sparkle and its Mars Colony. Furries are protected species here. Especially Foxes, ask Prince Foxie II @Terring I sure do play SimMars! These will come every week, and starting on episode 3, we will do some live commentary. That should be a treat. Animals worshiped be each nation: Schulmania: Cats Sparkle Kingdom: Foxes Minderia: Wolves
  6. SimCity 4: Minderia

    Minderia The land of Technology On February 4, 1991, the US State of Minderia was granted independence after a referendum on the issue the previous year. Located on a giant island west of Los Angeles, it shares a water border with the United States, and its capital is Minderia City, which was only founded in 1977. This SimCity 4 YouTube City Journal is meant to follow the growth of the seven major cities of Minderia. In the end, (sometime in 2020) we will have a city journal finally worthy of being on the City Journal section of this site (which is probably when ST 10.0 will be released) Without further ado, here's Part 1 of the series! Here's a rundown on what has been done in this video. In the first entry to this series, we make the interchange of Highway MA4 and MA7 on the South Split as well as build up a retail park, which will be moved further down south because it doesn't exactly look realistic where it sits now. Other than that, I forgot the skyscraper re-lots from KOSC, yeah. Gonna half to download those before the next episode.
  7. SparkleMars

    @Terring I've been playing SimMars for a while now, and have done several school projects with it. BTW, noice PFP! Luna Game Anyone? @Jumping Spider The mod's been a dead horse for seven years now. and there is a special way to install it in Windows 10. You really need to get to work on that profile though.
  8. SparkleMars

    Sparkle is going to Mars! In this video city journal of SimCity 4's SimMars Mod, we will build up Sparkle's Mars Colony of Raccoon City, as we begin to build up the major infrastructure of the city. Can this Mars Colony survive the harsh environment to come, or will it all fall apart? We also have to take into account that the SimMars mod likes to crash and corrupt its plugins, so we also have to survive the SimCity 4 Mod equivalent of Windows Vista. Will we survive the glitchiness? Without further ado, onto episode one! As well as some pictures of Fox Hollow, the southeast side of Raccoon City. Also, I have yet to get the UI disabler mod, so prepare for some UI elements that slipped through. The Fox Hollow Prepatory Academy. This is Fox Hollow's most prestigious school, and has the second highest graduation rate of any school in Fox Hollow, only being beat out by Foxie Central High School's 97%. The Raccoon City Museum of History. Located just northwest of Speedway 465, this museum showcases all the geo-political history of Raccoon City. Silly me forgot to take the picture without the tooltip in it. Near the greenhouses, you will find the local farmer's market. The perfect place to pick up the best pretzels this side of Raccoon City. This place also has some retail, so shop around, I'm sure you'll find something. (Quick note: There's a video game store that has copies of SimCity 4 that'll work on Steam AND Origin. They're pretty rare, so good luck finding them.)
  9. Command Base

    SimMoon Mod? I sure hope!
  10. Entry 2:

    Entry 2 The Northfields Named after the famous Knight within the kingdom, Sir Cidius III, this side of town is home to some of the richest people in Sparkle. Some notables of Simtropolis own some penthouses here, including @Takingyouthere, @CorinaMarie, @Cyclone Boom, @Hamish, and @APSMS. The city is infamous for its building repetition, and it's not done in a good way either. I'm gonna try to download some medium density residential buildings to fix this, and will try to fix it in the YouTube series in this region as well. Some of the nation's best prospects come from Cidius Central High School. This is one of the best scoring public schools on the Sparklian College Placement Exams (SCPE) with a score of 1376/1500 (92%, A-). It is also the home of the National Champion Cidius Valley Knights, who defeated Hershey Pointe Black Cats 26-21 in American Football. The CVX international Airport is the most famous airport in the country, and the one that most American and European tourists choose to land at, no matter where they go in the country. This airport is also the most famous for being the safest, as it is the farthest away from the Offensive Empire. This is where most people in this area of the city shop, the Cidius Township Target, which is the largest store in the area. It is where most people in the area do any of their shopping for just about anything, and there are even plans to open a mall in 2030. This is FoxxWorld, the home of the country's largest amusement park. Legend has it, that at night, Urban Foxes roam the amusement park, looking for food and a home. This is the Northfield Country Club, where the Sparkle Open PGA tournament is held. The torunament will be held just after the Masters at the middle of April 2017.
  11. Saffron City - Part 2

    Saffron City - Part 2 As we continue into Saffron City, the valley of honey continues to grow as a whole, and the city is starting to take shape. Or at least the suburban region...
  12. Entry 1: The Foxxy City

    Entry 1 The Foxxy City The city of Prowersville is a metropolis of people, ideas, and culture. Especially furry culture. This city, being located on Sparkle's Cidius Coast, it is the home of all things foxes. This city is home to a lot of cultural food, furry gatherings, and actual fox breeding shelters, where families and trying couples can adopt their very own pet fox... any species they so desire. This city is also home to the University of Prowersville, much High-Tech Industry, the national NVIDIA headquarters, and most of Sparkle's government, including the parliament, the royal palace, and the Ministry Center, where most of Sparkle's Ministries operate. Sparkle's Capital of Prowersville is one of few with skyscrapers. The only rule for these buildings is a small fox statue must be built atop the tallest building. The current building with said statue is the Poseidon Tower, which has a statue of a Siberian Silver Fox atop its antenna. Yes, they literally built the statue there. I know, not a smart move. There are only two other buildings with a Fox Statue on them, one of them being the replica of the Bank One Tower in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is where the royal family initially lived before setting off to find this island. This is the home of the 1998 and 2002 World Cup champion Sparkle team. It is also home to the only MLS team outside of the United States, the Prowersville Foxes. It is also where the soccer matches of the 2024 Prowersville Summer Olympics will be held. The city also won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup. This will boost the economy significantly, as the start of fursuit productions and national computer industries began to push Sparkle's economy to the top. These external events being hosted by this country of furries is expected to make Sparkle the third most powerful economy in the world, behind the United States of America and the People's Republic of China. The University of Prowersville is a private school in the city's downtown region. It is the home of the Blue Foxes, and is surrounded by a boatload of retail. This retail area is where a lot of the University of Prowersville's students shop. The University of Prowersville also hosts TailskoFurCon every year during late November. It is also worth noting that most of the trees here are artificial and made to give Sparkle more of a temperate feel since the country is just two degrees south of the equator. The temperatures in Prowersville in July and August can get up to 102-114 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the main reason TailskoFurCon is held at this independent institution in November instead of July. One of seven private high schools in the Prowersville Metropolitan Area, and one of three within the downtown area alone. This is Prowersville Cathedral High School, and it is perhaps the most religious of the seven in the area, least religious being New Roncalli, which is located a few miles to the north, along the National Highway. But Prowersville Cathedral has the highest graduation rate of any independent school in the city, being 97%. This school also has the most prestigious alumni in the area. The NVIDIA headquarters of Sparkle is where most of Sparkle's Graphics cards and HD sound devices are made. This is also the national computer exports to the United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Ever since the SparkleOne Policy was adopted in 2015, meaning if you want to sell it in this nation, you have to make it here. It is similar in a way to the infamous Chinese policy. And here's the national seal of Sparkle. This seal, whilst simple, captures the true attitude of the nation. Foxxy, and always ready for some furry fun!
  13. Entry 1 The Foxxy City The city of Prowersville is a metropolis of people, ideas, and culture. The city is often called the "Foxxy City," and is home to some of the most beautiful furries in the world. This place is also home to the royal family and the major center of government, as it is the capital of Sparkle. It was renamed for Miles "Tails" Prower during the 1990s, and it is home to the famous Tailsko Harbor. But in this entry, we will only be exploring the first of the city's four tiles... The major skyline of the city is one to look at with awe. It is the home of many tall buildings, the Prowersville Foxes soccer team, and the city's main event, SparkleFurCon A closer look at the home of the 1998 and 2002 World Cup champion Foxes' Home. This is also where the 2022 World Cup will be held, and the soccer arena for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The University of Prowerville next to a MASSIVE retail park where most of the students at the UP shop. It was called the city's best economic move by King Steven I. (1995-2012) One of seven private schools in the area, the Prowersville Cathedral High School. It is the home of the Red Foxes, and has maintained the best grades of any private school within the area, with a 97% graduation rate. This is where most graphics and sound cards in Sparkle are made, the NVIDIA headquarters in Prowersville is in the now high-tech industrial park.
  14. The Valley of Honey - Part 1

    Saffron City - Part 1 And so construction begins... Founded by Mayor Charmy in 1999 for his newlywed wife, Saffron City continues to experience exponential growth over its mere eighteen years of existence. The city is home to more than 300,000 people, and is on set to become the largest city in Sparkle's famous state of Ur in 2030. This city is home to all of Sparkle's Bee farms and thus, it considered the honey capital of the world, and will have the 500,000 population required to be considered a metropolis in 2025. This city continues to shock the nation with its exponential growth, taking the high wealth residents away from nearby Magnolia Falls with its high abundance of Mansion construction and high selection of private schools. It also has the most high-tech factories of any city in Sparkle, and as a result, the skilled workers of the city make a median income of $135,000 a year. And so a new project begins...
  15. Worlds on the Edge

    Well, I would have included the Yellowstone Supervolcano as well. If nuclear war does not get us, the infamous Yellowstone is predicted to obliterate everything west of the Mississippi River and put the remainder of the world in a deadly volcanic winter. It's due to happen anywhere from 2025-2075, and even if we don't go extinct, there will only be a few thousand humans remaining, and they would die off not having the luxury of civilization. If it were up to me, the doomsday clock would be 45 seconds to midnight.