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  1. Im getting constant roll backs, happened about 5 times today on one city, really peeing me off now, please MAXIS/EA get it sorted. A disgruntled customer & not the only one im sure.
  2. NAM not working

    Right I have got it sorted by the looks of it. I tried the pylon download again, but instead of placing the file in my documents, i placed it in the plugins folder contained within the game & it worked. Ive now put the NAM in there & it seems like its working as i have extra content available. The only thing is in the ramps list after the standard items I get an icon for the NAM but no other items is this correct?
  3. NAM not working

    Right in answer to the latest help. I've tryed reinstalling the game & NAM & still no joy. Im running on Windows 7. I've tried uninstalling the NAM again. Ive added the pylon download into the plugins folder & no change to the colour of the pylons. If anybody has anymore suggestions im will to keep trying.
  4. NAM not working

    Ok cheers, just trying to figure out what ive done wrong & why it wont work, im wondering wether to uninstall SC4 completely & the NAM & restart from scratch.
  5. The Next Person...

    Im off on holiday in a few months if that counts. the next person plays minecraft
  6. NAM not working

    Just as a bit more info, dont know if its of any use but i play the game with 2nd disc installed in the drive & it runs from that, is this ok or do i need to install the files from disk 2 to my hard drive?
  7. NAM not working

    Ive not tryed anything else as I was hoping to get one thing working before loading loads of stuff I dont want, also this modding is all new to me. Anything you suggest to add?
  8. NAM not working

    Yes it a legal version, purchased from high street retailer
  9. NAM not working

    I have th e deluxe version
  10. NAM not working

    Just reinstalled the NAM & still no extra content
  11. NAM not working

    I did try it before i added the hotfix, I added that once i didnt get any extra content. I will try it again just to make sure & let you know.
  12. NAM not working

    Hi Tarkus I ran the NAM (Nam version 30) as your link & i can see all files in the folder. I then ran the hotfix for NAM 30 afterwards. I can the same as Ganaram Inukshuk has shown in the other thread you linked to. I did have a read through that before i posted this thread Thanks so far Nigel Hi Jason I dont have any extra options over the standard options.
  13. NAM not working

    Hi Jason Leo I did click the install button & installed as instructed & didnt just extract it, i can see all the files in the folder as ive seen on another post, as far as i can see i have installed everything correctly, but when i go into the game all i get is standard options, for roads etc. Cefien as above, the game doesnt show me any extra options when i play it. Ive just been on the game again & still no extra content
  14. NAM not working

    My Version is 1.1.640.0 I followed th e instructions on Boggy1's guide
  15. NAM not working

    Hi Tarkus & thanks for the welcome. I follwed the instructions to update to the latest patch first, then I ran the installer from the installer package. I have all the addons in "users/my name/documents/simcity4/plugins/network addon mod" my game is saved in "program files/maxis/sim city4 deluxe" I just wondered if the NAM files should be in the plugins folder contained in the program files folder? Hope this helps Nigel