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  1. JRHP BAT Props vol. 1

    5/5 Great work and looks nice
  2. Raviendoor Kißien

    Welcome to the Raviendoor Kißien! Town of Germans and Bosnians! Population: 11,896 62% Germans 38% Bosnians ------------------------------------------------------- Highway A11 Interchange: Standard Diamond. Main Route: M17 Corridor E-R -------------------------------------------------------- Here are 2 pics,hope you enjoy,comment and rate!
  3. Graphic issues!

    run as administrator simcity4,if that dont help,check your video card have to be set to "Application Controled",it happend to me once.
  4. Share Your Cities

    Simcity2013 is going to be terrible,thank god we have simcity4
  5. Villavicencio: A trip to the countryside

    So awesome
  6. Loscety: Update #1

    Loscety is getting to be larger and larger... Finished new Residental area,which is classified to: Modern and Standard. MODERN: closest to downtown (500m) bigger houses and modern road. STANDARD: standard street road,smaller houses. Finished new buildings and destroyed some buildings. Here is also Railway,connecting Santium Lone Border to Vespucci Border. Better Highway. New buildings. More bussines buildings. More roads. Plan for next update: Highway from RHW-4 to RHW-6 Bigger residental area Hospital Center and much more... HERE IS ALSO 2 PICTURES. Residental Area and downtown. ENJOY!!!
  7. 50 First Dates

    5/5 you need better textures for water. 
  8. Loscety

    Loscety is small town in Santium Lone. Population: 1,986 Mayor: Cesin Feary ------------------------------------------------------- Highway: A11 Interchange Sensia --------------------------- Town Projected by: Anur Basic -------------------------- City Established: 2008 Next update will be big,so wait for it. I will make more roads,more buildings and lot of more stuff.
  9. Disasters in SimCity (2013)

    I would like zombie attack,
  10. How would you rank the Sim City games?

    SC4 SCS SC5 SC3000 SC2000
  11. Lindo Tower

    you are king 
  12. Looking into the past

    sick dude. 
  13. Calora | Knight-time in Cydon

    first i hope