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  1. Forever enveloped in death.

  2. I want a cute little kitten but, my mom is allergic! >.< #TheStruggleIsReal

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    2. Roman_Samudra


      Just buy egyptian cat, no fur

    3. APSMS


      I know dogs that have hair instead of fur (like poodles/yorkies vs Labs/retrievers) are hypoallergenic. Do they have the same for cats?

    4. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide

      @Mama_Luigi: Nah, scared of them. ):

      @Drack: I have TOOO many plushies atm and it fills up my closet and room soo, no more additions. c;

      Working at an animal center? I'm fourteen though... In just four more years man. ;-;

      I really don't know, but I might consider the pups with hair and not fur. c:

  3. I misplace a lot of things, boooooo

    1. Huston


      You're not alone. I do all the time :P

  4. I made the most ratchet song ever... ;~;

  5. I returned from the dead. The grim reaper is actually a pretty nice guy! Anyway, in more important topics, how do you run simcity 4 on a mac? Do I have to transfer the SC4 from my PC to Mac? Then use Wine/Black diamond Engine or something? help me pls.

    1. Zelgadis


      Bottom line, The Mac version of SC4 was literally released unfinished and is buggy. (Seriously, it's not even V1.0. Create a new partition, install Windows on it, and play SC4 there. That's what I do.

    2. APSMS


      Oh, did you forget your payment for the river crossing? And yeah, dual boot Windows or Ubuntu and running on that is recommended over the Aspyr Port. It's worth noting that the NAM is no longer supporting the newest versions of the NAM for MAC due to the immense number of unfixable bugs.

  6. I called the person I hated a 'shiny-headed, useless, hairless ape.' Cleila is a mean Cleila today ohohohoho~. <3

  7. I am a cottoncandy cyanide, if you eat me you will die. Just like Jay did.

  8. Take it easy! Let's board the train going to the waste station! (So I can abandon the garbage that is you, neighbor.)

    1. NielsC007


      How I love my neighbors...

  9. Should I make a European city? Or an American one?

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    2. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide

      I admit, changes would be nice. Having always built American styled cities, I'll give European cities a shot. I'll try to do a Warsaw/France style. c:

    3. C4The_Architect


      If you are gonna try to make a french one,I recommend getting the Eiffel Tower.:)

    4. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Oriental! Seriously, stock up on stuff from Bixel and PaulvMontfort, and just go crazy. Make it as ridiculous as you possibly can! Let your inner psycho get loose. c:

  10. New avatar. Hooray for high-definition.

    1. GeometryMath Algebra

      GeometryMath Algebra

      The dimensions of your avatar are nowhere near HD. :P

    2. Lot Creator

      Lot Creator

      Neither are the other 20K people who visit the website. :P

    3. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide

      y u do dis geomath? y u do dis 2 me. ;--;

  11. People just love to show-off & brag about their nice things. Makes me filled with envy & depression.

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    2. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      Be thankful. Think about their ignorance.

    3. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      Be thankful. Think about their ignorance.

    4. GeometryMath Algebra

      GeometryMath Algebra

      ^^ Wow, triple post. :P

  12. I wonder if I can put together a little halloween contest around ST...

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    2. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      ^What do you have in mind?

    3. C4The_Architect


      ^I am thinking who can make the best zombie infection using Photoshop.

    4. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Alright, I'll list down ideas on somewhere on the forums later! :D

  13. It sucks when you are forced to become someone you aren't and to abandon what you want to become.

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    2. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide

      I really wish I could. But, my parents said I need to. :C

    3. Tonraq


      You are not your parent. That is my recommendation ;)

    4. Linoa06


      Yeah, your parents don't always know what's best for you. Too many are selfish and only uphold their old fashioned values on a world too desperate to grow.

  14. Once upon a time, a story ended. The end. :D

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    2. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      There IS actually a short story (by Julio Cortázar, I think) that consists of only one sentence and still makes you think. I don't remember the title, though.

    3. Lot Creator

      Lot Creator

      @Twrecks lol, its so short, you forgot its title! D:

    4. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide


      First page word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

      The end! C:

  15. Coding is long and hard :C

    1. Huston


      At least your trying :D Have no idea how to code at all. Zilch knowledge.

  16. And advice on how to deal with people making you feel bad? :C

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    2. jlt122


      Sometimes in life you'll find there is no pleasing someone Yuuka221. Twrecks & Terring are right. If you let that person effect how you feel then you are just giving them power over you. So don't listen to him/her. You know yourself better than anyone.

    3. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      Don't let them bother you.

    4. Ace3


      Focus on why they are not going to be successful in life, and why you are.

  17. Hooray, I'm planning to be active again :3

  18. Ugh... School started! D:

  19. Unimpressed at the unimpressed impressed unimpressed.

  20. This is what happens when you combine cosine and sine thrice: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58339187/zpic2.png

    1. AcronShinra


      Strongest ⑨ danmaku. BTW Double Dealing Character got released few days ago.

    2. Cottoncandy Cyanide

      Cottoncandy Cyanide

      I know. ^^

      I got it sometime after its release date. C:

  21. Game update: Finally got the animation library working. Time to create effects and such.