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  1. I force my industrial sector to use rail by doing this. Somehow it irritates me when they ignore the shiny new rail yard I build for them. (Plus the road looks a bit like a race-track; which is an added bonus) =)
  2. RouteQuery Problem

    Another interesting thing is that my neighbouring tiles don't have this problem, I think it's very likely the custom subway lot I installed a couple of weeks ago. (sigh, took me an hour to replace the original subway systems manually)
  3. RouteQuery Problem

    Hi Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, route query hasn't fixed itself - so it would have to be a custom lot I place somewhere. How do you read the DrawPath tool? Cheers
  4. RouteQuery Problem

    Cheers guys, Fingers crossed it will; as it still hasn't yet - and I've just run the simulation for 8 hours. Otherwise, it might have to do with a lot I've put in.......
  5. Hi, Has anyone encountered this problem? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. I prefer to flatten the land while leaving the natural features of the land: - Rivers and Lakes - Mountains and High Ridges Any small elevations and bumps are "removed" and I just manually elevate or sink the terrain when I want to. Everything looks so much neater and also keeps that realistic (relatively anyway) look.
  7. Rivit's the one. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us As you can see, I think that's the texture (although not the function) you are looking for.
  8. There is a texture file on stex that can give the appearance of switches in that configuration. But it still wont actually allow you to use it in UDI. However, automatas and actual route query shows that trains are able to use "switch" between the 2 lines automatically without needing any modifications.