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  1. Thank you, Avanya. I'll look into it and get back to you. Greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I've been having a problem with Cities: Skylines. I was very excited to buy it, found it a bit "cartoony" and so shelved it. Recently a lot of amazing things have been made for it so I decided now was the time. Downloaded some mods and assets (mostly European buildings), but when I go to play it I cannot do anything. I start on a map but none of the buttons do anything. The game said to start a small road but I cannot click on any of the icons to build one. I took out most of the assets and the mods but I still cannot figure out how to start. Why so complicated? I am used to SimCity 4 and feel like a pro with it, so am I missing something in how to start CS? Also, I am more interested in using the game as a sandbox rather than actually playing. Is there a "sandbox mode" and if so how do I turn that on? Thank you.
  3. Evolution

    This may be one of the greatest things I have seen. Absolutely fantastic!
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Can anyone help me find the circled garages in this picture? Thank you.
  5. Olsènes - Unfinished stuff

    Just wonderful! Inspirational! Are your buildings all plops or do you run the game?
  6. Creek Neliah

    Wow! Just ... wow!
  7. Something strange ...

    That's what I was thinking. I did see another forum post from a year ago mentioning the same thing. Unfortunately, looks like I'll have to check my plugins. Thanks for the advice. I'll look into it. Thanks.
  8. Hello community, In the last few weeks or so I have been building in a new region but for some reason riots break out in all my new cities. In some cases, the town hasn't even run for a month and there are riots (at one point, it hadn't even registered any citizens yet and riots broke out). Then, after a month the Mayor Rating drops to the lowest it can be ... but I haven't done anything different with these cities as any others I have started and I have never experienced these problems before. But, I have been downloading a lot of content lately. Does anyone know why this may be happening or does know if there is a file that may mess with mayor rating? Thanks.
  9. The Great Debate

    Great story telling. I truly cannot wait to see who wins. And the images, as always, are fantastic.
  10. Hello, I need a recommendation from my Simtropolis brethren. I have stumbled across some great CJ photos and mosaics that have truly inspired me. Then recently stumbled upon a cheat that would allow me to merely plop the buildings that I want to be there even though they wouldn't necessarily function (i.e. housing, etc). I am having a bit of a conundrum because I feel that I could make some great cities for a CJ if I just "God-moded" every aspect of them but I feel like that cheapens the game. Do many CJers simply "set up" cities using MMPs and plopped buildings or are your cities actually "alive" (as in built using the game)? Are they mixtures of both? Do you have any recommendations? Thanks.
  11. Kendall Mosaics Aplenty

    Wow. These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  12. One Year Later

    Holt was a great CJ and I really enjoyed its journey. It has inspired me in many ways and I hope to one day present my own CJ with the same amount of creativity and well-thought out design you have had in this journal. Thanks again! God bless.
  13. Entry 4 - A good Start

    Looks great. I especially like the dark and varied forest. What tree mod do you use?
  14. First SimPeg, now SC4Devotion? :(

    As of 10pm CST, SC4Devotion does not work for me. I have tried Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. I have cleared cache, cookies, history, etc. Same message as before. Am I missing something?
  15. Kisztow-1983 (After the communism - pilot 3) - Sights of this town

    This is great. Good city and good storyline.