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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    thnx for the super fast reply yarahi, i see you have been busy solving all of our problems. you sir (or madam) are a god among men (or women)
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    hello all, does anyone know where i can find the extended subway to elevated transition? i cant seem to find it anywhere. i saw it on a youtube video by Samgoogolplexian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQSGpXpRmco&t=23m12s at 23:12. i have also attached a .png file. please help ive been ripping my hair out trying to find this damned thing.
  3. graphical issues

    i switched to software mode and it works perfectly!!! thanks a lot your a game saver i put months of work into my city and its great to see it in its full glory again. thank you once again
  4. graphical issues

    hey guys i hope you can help me with these graphical glitches ive been having after starting the game up from a hiatus. the game was fine when i left it but now has clipping problems with buildings and bridges popping in and out. this problem also seems to be happening only near the water. i havent downloaded any new plugins since i started the game up so i know its not that. i tried alt tabbing twice and hitting g twice to redraw the screen, i also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game with no luck. hopefully you can help me. these are my specs: intel core i5-3210m 64 bit os running on win 7 with 8gb ram with intel 4000 hd graphics
  5. Downloading Reliant Stadium Help

    when u download the files u have to put all files into one folder first. then use winrar to extract the first file, the other two files will automatically be included in the extract.
  6. i think the author was trying to be sarcastic which actually didnt come across well. i had to read it again just to be sure.
  7. silly ea, trix are for kids
  8. Simcity 4 worth picking up?

    best game of the series hands down. you wont be bored especially with the amount of player created content here in simtropolis. content is still being created to this day. if you want a complex, engaging and timeless city builder, sc4 is where its at. too bad you had to play the dissappointment first.
  9. Buy Toothpaste, get Tourist Attractions

    annnnnnnnd *facepalm*
  10. another small dev destroyed by the Evil Alliance. this company is toxic. this should serve as yet another big waving red flag to any other dev who is even thinking about being bought out by them.
  11. When did you get Sim City 4?

    i got it last year. i was a simcity fan since simcity2000. then 3000. wanted to get 4 when it came out but couldnt because i didnt have a pc then. finally got a kickass laptop last year and sc4 was the first game i bought. so like a 9 year wait, it was worth it though. especially with all the mods and bats. when i first seen this site i was like a kid in a candy store. my plugins folder is growing by the day!
  12. Tourist Attraction DLC Preview on SimCity Brasil Facebook

    craptastic ea, craptastic...how much are you going to charge for this junk? fix the multitude of problems with this broken game before you even think about releasing dlc which will probably come with more bugs
  13. "are we really the worst company in america?" yes....yes you are
  14. SimCity – One Month Later

    this game will never be a buy for me. the author pretty much summed up my problems with the game. ea/maxis continues to act like they know better when they clearly do not know what they are doing. its humorous to see how many patches are coming out in the short amount of time it released and the main problems are still not resolved. it just shows that they did not care and just put out a half finished, buggy mess of a game.