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  1. Avalon: First attempt at gameplay video

    Yeah, I can't wait too!
  2. This is my first BAT. I haven't tried this before. So... I decided to try creating buildings that I know and grew up around. I started with a liquor store that is right near my first home. This is how far I am. I need some pointers on what to do. I have followed a lot of tutorials so far and I am looking for something that can tell me how to make this sign and put it on the building on the left. Do I make it in Photoshop like I did with the other sign? If so, how do I import a custom shape to put this mask on? Also, I am going to need to have the sign light up like this. Here is the link... the picture is huge. Once I have that finished I am going to need to make a custom sign for the signpost I have on the front. The sign on the post looks like this.
  3. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    I am hitting a brick wall, in that my Maxis Plugin Manager sucks. It keeps crashing and giving me missing XML errors. Meanwhile, the SC4 PIM Extended, gives me a python error when I want to drag my lot. This has plagued me for the past few days. I will post updates as I go. Creating this lot is the only thing holding me up! Oh, and this is going to be a Ploppable Landmark w/Jobs - Commercial $. Not growable. Not this one. My future uploads will be more grow appropriate. hehehe.
  4. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    Still working on it. Have a few tweaks and I am adjusting the textures. Still trying to get the lighting just right. Question, do I add the parking lot in the lot editor?
  5. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    True, but the faded colors also give it that realistic been-around-for-a-long-time look, maybe he could do two versions? a brand new store and one that has been there as old as the neighborhood Thank you very much. I am still working with the sign. Pretty much looking up making a custom shape. I am working through Photoshop CS6 on the textures. I am slowly getting this 3d modeling thing. I think the neon lighting is my next step after the custom shape sign. Then the parking lot in the front and in the back. Thank you to everyone following the progress. I will post progress pictures soon.
  6. Mayor Juan Ford has just signed a deal that will allow a few construction companies to come in and create a more "level field". Construction has begun already on Eohat Island when rumblings of Marriott Hotels wanting to open a new establishment, on the island. (Thank you to everyone for the Slope Mod suggestions. It looks amazing.)
  7. I have been playing Sim City 4 for years and felt that it's about time to start making my own buildings. I am going to start with a few simple buildings like various urban businesses. Then I am going to get further into it. Perhaps Dodgers Stadium and the SAP Center in San Jose.
  8. Warning I like to tell stories with pictures. Be prepared for some loading. The motto for Arrowhead Bay is Semper in rebus, non male or Always good times, never bad ones.
  9. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    Does anyone have a link to a tutorial on creating a custom shaped sign? For that matter does anyone have a link to lighting a specially shaped sign like I want to do. I think I have seen some buildings like that already installed. A motel if I am not mistaken.
  10. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    This is how I feel. It helps guide me along. Not only that... it actually boosts my confidence a bit more and helps keep my interest.
  11. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    Okay, well thank you for your input but my model is just about finished. Just need to put the signs in. BTW, the tutorials that I am using are already up to texturing. It's not a big deal nor a "big mistake"
  12. Jolly Jug Liquor Store & OAC Motorsports store.

    Thank you! Both of you guys! I am really excited to start it. Cool_Z your comments are really helpful but flew a bit over my head. I think I need to do more research. Thanks!
  13. Mountain Hikes - Part 1

    I have got to find these textures you're using! They are fantastic!