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  1. Dear Mikeseith,

    I would like to thank you for creating such a great automata car models. The topic that i would like to talk about is about the japanese car replacement mod. Previously, i downloaded the mod on your mike's props website. It was wonderful as I love its unique japanese design, especially the kei car. I love the mod you made (Other than its only available as the replacement mod and not a new instance mod, but that doesn't matter).

    But recently, i had to delete this along all other mod in plugins because i had alot of unnesessary mod in it along the unmanaged mod categories. The problem is that the only website that able to download this mod has been disabled. I also tried to find it on the other website (mainly japanese sc4 website), it only place a link to download it like i said before.

    I would like to know if there's any chances that you will add this mod to simtropolis. Its okay if you don't, but i would like a reply from you. Oh, if there's any addition i would like to make is to make another japanese car mod, but this one is the new instance like your european 1960's cars.

    Another question i would like to make is are you going to make the kia car dealership? I noticed a long time ago in mike's props that this mod is in progress. Is the project cancelled and abandoned, or is it finished? I would also want to know your answer.

    Thank you if you reading this, and hopefully you reply to it. Im sorry if i being rude or have a bad english.