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  1. Beta 3 Support Thread

    I Do! i do! im using Beta 3. for 40 years my city has virtually no water pollution and very very low air pollution. the population is over 400k and suddenly there's a water and air pollution spike at the graph! my advisers ranting regard to my management. Until then the people went out of the city leaving only 70k
  2. Little Orthodox Church

    wow, a nice cozy church out there
  3. Beta 3 Support Thread

    I found that it is pretty hard to make money in Sim Mars. RCI tax returns are somewhat very low compared to vanilla SC4.
  4. Fusion Incorporated Power Plant

    10,000,000 amount of power produced. What's the catch though? I know there's consequence but i wont harm my city for the unforeseen effects.
  5. High Speed Rail Project Problem/Bug

    How about I try to explain in greater detail with what I said here? http://sc4devotion.c...37030#msg437030 It's obvious that you installed something else that ISN'T the NAM or the HSRP, but forgot to install what's called a dependency. A dependency is typically a set of props or textures that a specific lot or T21 mod will need to reference in order for said lot or T21 to function properly, and the presence of boxes means that you don't have the required dependency. As stated in my post in SC4D, if you want to have the T21s functional (in other words, have function, which is what I'm guessing is what you have), you need to download If you don't, you'll need to locate in your plugins and remove it. my apologies for posting this problem in multiple forums. I fully understand your statement in SC4 Devotion. The reason i've posted here in simtropolis is to increase the probability of someone who could answer my problem. P.S.: It finally worked. thank you
  6. Anyone can figure it out what is going on here? It's like a box-figure. P.S. I've already installed NAM first, then the HSR's extras/plugins as the author provided in the SC4Devotion.
  7. El VVER 1000 Pressurised Reactor

    how come the reactor produces only 3300 mWh in-game?
  8. Nuclear Fusion Power Plant

    me too! i dont see the buildings! please refine the description pls