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  1. aaand it did. Now I gotta live with that, even if it unchains a severe type of schizophrenia. Thanks for the help.
  2. ok, now I removed the custom songs and it keeps happening the same thing. Wonderful. Brb reinstall
  3. This might be silly, but it really keeps bugging me. When I add custom songs (usually SC3000 and The Sims Hot Date OSTs), I've been noticing that every time I started the game, the region/city songs are playing in the same order, same starting songs, instead of scrambling them. Does anyone knows this issue as well, or is it just me? Any way to fix it? My game is up-to-date, Steam version.
  4. Get SimCity 2000 Special Edition Mac/PC for $3

    abadonware is not a legal term in the first place. Blame on CD Projekt though. All they do is download those games, change a couple of files, and resell them through GOG