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  1. The Thing I don't get about SPAM

    @Blunder:Yes, I know what you mean,even I thought it was awesome that I got such high res demand so easily but when i build in the completely res city,within a few minutes i start getting enormous amounts of no job zots. It's because all of them want to work at the farms but I wont let them...right?
  2. The game crashes because you are running simcity in software rendering. All HD terrain,water,rock mods require hardware rendering to work, without it the game will always crash... go to display settings and change rendering to hardware and then restart the game.It should work now.
  3. So, I've been using SPAM as in(SimPeg Agricultural Mod) since the day I was acquainted with custom content... but now I'm having a strange problem keeping the "realism" in Sc4. Here is the problem: (I drew that in less than 1 min) As you can see: two islands right one with huge agricultural fields with a small rural community,as one see in real life,but the HUGE farmlands also create huge res($,$$,$$$) demand.So in the left island i zone res,they grow, but all of them want to work in the agricultural fields , but I want to keep the island as a small independent community. So is there any way to decrease the agricultural job demands made by spam or do I HAVE to build roads to farm fields where approximately a few thousand people want to work?
  4. NAM 31.1 Technical Support and Bug Report Thread

    reading the above post decreases my hopes a little but hopefully my problem will be solved. As Tarkas mentioned in the 3rd page of this thread a few macs with Lion OSX(10.7) are having CTD when high monorail is installed.So I deleted the following: high elevated monorail el rail alternate implementations(because it is related to el rail which had problems in the previous versions) Flexible Underpasses(a few months ago I had found a mac user who had problems with underground puzzle pieces) Fractional Angled Networks I did not install the el rail on road and el rail high because they didn't work previously and dont work now
  5. if one were to search google for the above given topic one would find an unanswerd topic approximately 2 years old.so as not to bump the old topic i created a new topic with the same question. Sim fox's day and nite mod doesnt seem to work on my mac.there are no confronting plugins as "day and nite mod" is the only plugin in the plugins folder.The curious thing is that when i select a new region>select a new city>i start the city in god mode>put the game to night...IT WORKS.but after i click on mayor mode to name my city and start,the game freezes right after the fireworks start.Does not crash,it freezes so I have to force quit the game.
  6. Earlier today while going through the forums I found an interesting topic where a member asked others to suggest where to start building a city. Today I'm asking the veterans here to suggest where to build what.Im more of a rural lover so I will do mostly farms and suburbs.so fire away..... oh and if anybody is interested..this region is downloaded from stex with the name Blue Haven
  7. NAM freezes Sc4

    First of all I wanna say thank you for the instant answer....the people here are like 24x7 troubleshoot support people.deleting those files fixed the problem.
  8. NAM freezes Sc4

    so...I thought of swithing from my supersmall pc to my Larger mac.i thought coping my old plugins folder from pc to mac would be ok but for some reason whenever NAM is inside the plugin folder sim city gets stuck the moment after loading the city.....can anyone help me cuz im having lots of trouble without NAM.