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  1. Ive maxed out at 18,934 . I have train stations, street cars, bus stops plus an expo centre but i cant get more money than 18, 394 a day. Dunno what else to do ?
  2. Just wondering cos im not seeing any money popping into my accounts?? haha
  3. I have two ore mining and coal mining plus a recycling centre and just unlocked a smelting division but do not know how to actually make allow?
  4. Ive just plopped a recycling centre. My city is rather educated but no one seem to use it? how can i get people to use it?
  5. Aww yeah thats what i was expecting Alot of extra work it looks like ha
  6. I have upgraded my streets to high density but want to deal better with the traffic so want an avenue. The problem is i do not want to delete roads which will delete the houses on it resulting in populations drop haha Cheers guys
  7. Thank you very much guys! gonna give it a good old bash tonight and hopefully get a big city. Dunno how your city is so big tho? most i can get is 50 000 haha
  8. Sorry guys i didnt realise you had all tried to join. Adding you just now and when the servers are back up we will get this region on the go!