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  1. Train Fever and crowdsourcing

    Success! 100% funded! Can't wait for this one, got very high hopes for it
  2. TrainFever just shy of 90% funded, will support modding

    It did it! 100% funded, looking forward to this game
  3. TrainFever just shy of 90% funded, will support modding

    Train fever secured a €50,000 investment recently, and with 12 days left of the crowdfunding project, stands at 87% funded. Train Fever is a railroad-focused business simulation game with role-playing elements. In other words, it's a modern-day Transport Tycoon with procedural content and a sophisticated city simulation. Worth noting given recent SimCity issues that "Each person is individually simulated. Given a home adress and a working place" Developer Basil Weber also stated that: Features: Randomly generated, modifiable terrain with realistic dimensions Advanced passenger simulation Dynamically simulated urban development Procedurally generated buildings No grid – that is, the game world is not limited to 90 (or 45) degree angles Vehicles from more than 150 years of transportation history Four distinct characters Comprehensive skill system Detailed 3D graphics Freely adjustable zoom factor
  4. Train Fever and crowdsourcing

    Actually the developers have repeatedly said that modding is supported and encouraged, and have talked about freight a number of times (forgive me if I don't go hunting down the quotes, they're real though, promise!). Apparently the focus is on passengers, but they are definitely including food and mail in response to freight requests, and are looking into expanding that. However, I'm not sure I agree with Buggi that: Cargo maybe, but I don't want to see a simple remake of TTD with nicer graphics, this is its own game. Likewise, air and sea - why? Its about trains. Maybe the realm of expansions but I think they are totally right to focus their efforts on trains for now. That's the game they set out to make, and that's the game that is so very close to becoming a reality. No need for air and sea at the moment, what they have now is a realistic and sensible approach to an entirely new IP.
  5. Riots outside City Hall

    Hover your mouse over city hall, it should say what the problem is. They tend to hang around though. One of my cities had people moaning about crime, despite there being one criminal (one!) in the city who wasn't in jail, and over 20 patrol cars and a crime prevention van. They've gone now but it was pretty ridiuclous
  6. Does anyone know if this feature is working properly or not at the moment? I have a few cities in a private region, and none of the city hall benefits seem to be getting shared. I'm able to sell and buy water, power, sewage etc. and that's definitely working, but there doesn't seem to be any regional impact from the city hall upgrades. Anyone else having this problem/aware of it having been turned off?
  7. Train Fever (an up to date Transport Tycoon)

    Buggi, someone asked about that and apparently: Regarding transporting things other than passengers, they said this in response to somebody's question:
  8. Train Fever (an up to date Transport Tycoon)

    The crowdfunding page is here by the way: http://www.gambitious.com/ideas/2496-train-fever-pc-mac
  9. Train Fever (an up to date Transport Tycoon)

    I don't know about roads but I recall reading that the speed of trains is limited more by the condition of the track than the engine itself, so you will presumably need to maintain the tracks well and modernise them. As for roads, who knows? Suggest it to them though, the developers seem to respond to people frequently
  10. Train Fever (an up to date Transport Tycoon)

    This has cropped up on the forums one or twice recently, but anyone interested in transport type games should definitely take a look at the features list: Currently it is still looking for crowdfunding though the devs seem to think it will meet its target. I for one hope so, looks like it has great potential and greater depth than Cities in Motion.