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  1. NHP Map Catalog

    Ah, man. I was excited to see Pittsburgh after requesting it in the map request thread, but I see it was requested here too...I thought that was too extrordinarily fast to be true... Is there any chance you have Minneapolis-St Paul buried somewhere in your hard drive too?
  2. Campbell Mithun Tower

    More Minneapolis buildings on the STEX! This is awesome. Good job, dude.
  3. Official Mapping Community Requests - Take Two

    Hey, Blade, I'm not sure how busy you are, but I'd like to request a couple maps if I could. The first one is near and dear (well near anyway) to your heart, Minneapolis-St. Paul. There isn't a good map of the Twin Cities on the STEX at all. The other one is Pittsburgh, PA. You're the map master...
  4. Auburn Valley

    Very nice looking cities you have. I like how the dull gray pavement carries over to all the grungy industrial and C$ areas. That must have taken quite some some in LE. It may be boring, buy I like your variety of parking lots as well. And I'm sure the business travelers at the hotels appreciate having a strip club across the street...I bet they like it almost as much as the strippers do
  5. Xbox Live GamerTags - Post here if you have one.

    Mine is DivineMuffinMan. I'm not on a lot, but when I am it's usually in Burnout: Paradise and things like that.
  6. One California Plaza

    You're my new hero for doing these LA BATs. Thank you and keep up the stellar work
  7. Embarrassing Camera Issue

    That's a good point. Converting it to jpg was always one of the most tedious things. I suppose I'll live...haha, thanks for your answers, guys. Swat - There's no special key with control, at least not that I know of. Every other shortcut worked just fine, such as ctrl+R for avenue and shift+R for raised highway. It's baffling.
  8. Embarrassing Camera Issue

    yeah, I'm in a city when it happens. I figured I'd have to do print screen, but I still want to know why in the world this camera isn't working. It's unexplainable so far
  9. Phats Hottest CJs

    Congrats, Phat. Great job. I'm at #9...that's incredible!
  10. I hate posting topics about issues I have with the game since I usually can figure it out on my own (mostly thanks to the omnibus) but I'm at a loss on this one. I have SC4 installed on my new laptop, and the shortcut to use the camera (ctrl+shift+S) doesn't work. All other shortcuts work that use shift, alt, and control, but the camera doesn't. Does anyone know what might be up?
  11. Floating Speed Way - Basic Pack -

    It looks cool, but I can't find it in any of the menus. Where do I find it?
  12. Paul Hastings Tower

    Dude, this is awesome! The buildings I was using in my downtown LA didn't look quite right. Thanks a ton
  13. Simtropolis Blogs: Support and Information

    Thanks, dirk and SimHoTToDDy. They really do look seamless. We have members of amazing quality on this site
  14. Simtropolis Blogs: Support and Information

    Blogs were an amazing idea, but I can't figure out how to get a full image in the background like Ryan and SimHoTToDDy. Mine are always multiplied, and will look entirely different depending on screen size. How do I do that?
  15. Mount Rose Tribune - Friday, September 1, 1939

    Awesome newspaper.  Good to see you on the new CJ page.  And I love the Sartre quote.  That's a hell of a motto for a newspaper...