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  1. Ice Burgs ahoy

    That means your ice burgs looks very unrealistic, even if it was a good try!
  2. Ice Burgs ahoy

    Nice... but I can't get past the fact that ice burgs float about 90% under water. What you see above water (the tip of the ice burg) is just that, the tip. Ice is just frozen water.. the only reason it floats is because water expands when it freezes.
  3. Space Elevator

    Glad to see this in game! ...could you make it flex back and forth a bit? I believe they tend to do that, especially the carbon nanotube variety. I bet you could also make an orbiting elevator as well, such as the ones used in the Red (green, blue) Mars series of books, using offset rendering :)
  4. RLS Homes The Highgrove

    In the first picture, there is a tiny mis-alignment visible running vertically through the first windows to the left of the front door. It can also be seen in the white part of the roof directly above the windows... anyway, it looks awesome otherwise!
  5. Portsmouth Technopole Building

    I like the building a lot.. perhaps add a little texture to the roof.. a little something to make it look more active... and make it growable.. then I'll get it! Good Work!