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  1. Investigating the new issues with templates, which are causing posts to not display in threads, as well as other loss of functionality. This is believed to be an unrelated to the session bug. Thanks everyone for your patience.

    1. _Michael


      It's a very interesting issue affecting all devices and browsers for me. Is it affecting you @Cyclone Boom or anyone else?

    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Yes, the issue is sitewide affecting all users. As well as threads not viewable, the hovercards on profiles aren't popping up either (e.g. on usernames / avatars). The only place posts seem viewable is in the Activity Stream.

      We'll provide further details as and when they come to light.

    3. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Dirk is working on it right now.