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  1. Oh dear. A hung parliament. More political uncertainty. Just what the UK needed... >.<

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    2. SimCoug


      There's never a sure thing in politics... After what happened on this side of the pond last November, I'm surprised anybody pays attention to polls anymore.

    3. CorinaMarie


      Speaking of which, we could send Trump over to straighten things out. :uhm: (And you could keep him too.)

    4. Fantozzi


      I'm beginning to think people - and not only british people - are in a permanent state of disagree. They disagree with the EU and the next day they disagree with brexit, they disagree with the republicans they disagree with the democrats, they disagree with the labours they disagree with the conservatives and when they show up in political topics the show up to show disagreement. Election days seems to me to have become 'days to express disagreement'. You get confirmation only by your fanbase and therefore you make politics for your fanbase and not for the people anymore.

      The generations before weren't that worried - they were more active and so they freed themselves by doing politics on their own. You know - Woodstock was politic acting too. Alternative culture was always politics. It's no need to join a political party to make politics. Even with sports you could do politics. Even in your hometown you can do politics. It's not limited to polls. With every action in public you can do politics.

      The only way to free yourself from the feeling of being a 'victim of politics' - and I have the impression most people feel this way - is to act like you want the world to be acting.

      Bringing indian instruments into the sound of the Beatles - this was politics, George Harrison did. And by this time politics were more curious more embracing than today.

      Today politics is a collecting basin for all kind of fears.

      Damn terrorism! They add oil to the flames to those fearfull western communities.