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  1. by overshadowing it i mean it will block it when coming from the north.

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    2. The Pennsylvania Turnpike

      The Pennsylvania Turnpike

      yes, i usually come into Philly through the Schuylkill and i would not be able to see it northwest. I will porbably going down there alot since some relatives live down in South Philly now so i will be able to check on it's progression periodically. I can't wait for it to be finished like the NIZ.

    3. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      Well I'll see it daily. Philly's is one of those skylines that just looks good from everywhere

    4. nathanthemayor


      I remember when I was there in 2008, I took a photo of the city's skyline from I-76(Coming from Valley Forge), and the Mellon Bank blocked out One Liberty....