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  1. LuBu's Sound Barrier Wall Set

    great mod. NO right hand corners. or botom left corners. or even verticals.
  2. Security Fence Set

    same all i get is concrete bases
  3. PEG Security Fencing Kit

    Cant get it to work
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Name: Leon. Location: Manchester, England. Occupation: Part owner of Family business. Interests: Trance. Gaming. Very new to the site and very new to the game simCity4. But i do like Constructive games. And my friends have told me this is the game i should of played. so now i have SimCity4 i really would like to know how to get started on using ''Mods'' Not sure what i require in order to install mods for this game. i use mods on some other games i play.But like them they have a Mod-client. Not seen one for this game if there is one? Would appreciate any advice on how i can install Mods for this game. Thanks.