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    Kabupaten Tulungagung Indonesia
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    internet, play simcity series etc. secret

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  1. i'm sick of this country

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    2. kagamiya


      Indonesia goverment is really pityfull, don't they have a shame what so ever?, people here doesn't have any moral anymore_ the law is like ugh, i couldn't put it with words anymore...

      i'll try to migrate from this country as soon as i graduate from college... i don't want live in this country anymore if I have a chance

    3. jmsepe


      Migrate here in the Philippines for worse scenario! Hahaha :)

    4. GeometryMath Algebra

      GeometryMath Algebra

      @Joe, HAHAHA... :P

      Yah, I agree, migrate here in the PH, 'cause "it's more fun in the Philippines!". :P