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  1. Hey there! I'm not an expert at this game, but it looks like you & I are on the same page; except the fact that I used agriculture to begin my economy with rather than dirty industry. I too am planning on trying to convert my first city from a farmtown to a commercial city by simply transforming my farms into residential areas and replaces the existing residential areas into commercial areas. For placing the downtown question, I suggest you put it in the center. I don't exactly have an explanation other than the fact that it's my personal preference and it's more realistic in my point of view. As for the street layout, I don't really know what your layout is like, BUT I do know that commercial zones love traffic because it brings in more customers and more money for them and the city. I've seen this happen firsthand on my previous first cities and I thought it was pretty cool. Another thing, don't worry about trying to build high density commercial zones right away. Honestly, for me at least, start putting them in once you feel that you're region has enough population to bring in workers to those high-rise buildings. If they don't, then chances are they are going be abandoned and look all crummy on your city skyline. Lastly, for the question of high tech, what I did was taxing the heck out of agriculture and dirty industry in my downtown. However, I didn't tax the manufacturing industry just because I felt that my low & medium wealth residents still needed them for jobs. That's all I have to say for your questions. Keep in mind, what I just said are all suggestions and not a way of forcing you to do all the things I suggested. It's you're city & region, and go have fun with it! Hope I helped! P.S: If you want more guidance, I'm following this city/region-building method called "Natural Growth" posted in the link here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=9440.0 Good luck & have fun!