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    Northwest Louisiana, USA
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    I've played the SimCity series since I got 3000 back in 04'. In 06' I got SimCity 4 and Iim addicted. I also play the Sims 3, and I love toy cars. I have a collection of about 1000.
  1. Biggest city you have with no highrises?

    About 32,000
  2. Craig-Abcvs Text Loading Mod

    The ones in the preview made me chuckle. And I never laugh. I'll download it when my laptop desides not to put a gun to my head.
  3. Critique My Layout, Help Me Find The Problem.

    It's all messed up. What I do, is keep resedential in one area, comepletely surround it with 15 tile commercial zoning, and skip 6 tiles before putting in a heavy dose of industrial. That keeps commute time in a normal town (12,000-20,000). You need to do something along that line other than putting it in the next town. Also, when skyscrapers hit, that's more population trying to get to work, which leads to traffic problems. At this point, I would create an elevated highway to send to the next city, and put one in your town so people can get around easier. Place it where the busiest avenue is currently located. This is what I might do. Hope it helps.
  4. I dunno if this is the right forum, but is there? I'm having trouble navigating the site and I can't find out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ready to download some BATS

  6. Ready to download some BATS

    1. Kevenbro


      Same here bro

  7. Shreveport Louisiana

    This is amazing! Living in the area I've learned a bit about the topography and I noticed you even got the areas where the land was flattened for nice neighborhoods correct! 10/10!