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  1. Just bought CitiesXL '12

    Yeah I'm checking out that site right now. Although it's running very slowly. Is there by any chance an IRC channel or anything like that where people hang out? Or just forums?
  2. Just bought CitiesXL '12

    I haven't played SimCity since SC2k. After that I got sucked into MMO's. Anyway, news of Simcity 2013 got me excited(though not so much once I looked into it) so to hold me over I got CitiesXL during Steam's summer sale. I played through the tutorials and messed around a bit, then headed to the internet to learn about more strategies and tips. However, what I found has been extremely disappointing. It seems every forum related to CitiesXL is dead. Is this a dead game already? Or is it just a tiny community that plays? I look at the first page of forum posts and here it goes back to March! The official forums are even worse! Does anyone know of an active community somewhere out there? Did I make a bad choice getting this game? Would I have been better served getting Simcity4? I never played it, but since it's 9 years old I figured I shouldn't bother.