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  1. The Plopmatic 9000

  2. Pollution Help

    I found something that might be very useful in handling the pollution problem. You should also not build residential close to the industrial.
  3. Washington D.C (capital of The United States territory)

    I don't see the NAM streets in this...so which makes this city 50% more unrealistic. Washington, DC has a 6 lane road leading to the white house.    If you don't use NAM I would strongly advise you to do so.
  4. I downloaded the new NAM on the front page of the mods section on this website, I downloaded the game and followed the instructions. Download: extract > Simcity 4> plugins > Install ? correct me if I did it wrong. I downloaded and installed NAM again and went on Simcity 4 deluxe to see if the Mod had any effect...there was no change to the streets or highways. Why is it doing this to me?! I downloaded Nam before (version 31) and it worked perfectly on my brother's computer not that it matters. What does this mean? is something on my computer preventing me from using NAM? I tried it again and again and it still will not appear on my game, I have no idea what's going on and never encountered this problem. I uninstalled SC4 and re-installed it to see if it would work but still nothing happens. I have the deluxe version if you didn't catch that.
  5. The Plopmatic 9000

    Really good Mod, very useful, easy to install.