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  1. The idea for my crossing is * NEVER wider than 3 tiles * Always 8 lane ( not the same height at intersections) * If you go straight you'll never have to stop at crossings The 4 inner lanes No. 3-6 alternates between being the land height and bridge heights their outer 4 lane (No 1,2,7,8, is) turn lane that has been contacted with avenues lanes No. 3-6 never contact avenue all 8 lanes is in contact with each other between the intersections but height divided 3 tiles before intersections intersections is partial underneath overpass Do not know how to explain it better
  2. it is a 2 level's crossing when lane 8, and avenue crosses if on the 8 lane road: if you want to go right, use the lane No. 8 (8 from left) if you wish to go left, use the lane No. 7 (You will turn left below the lane No. 3-6) if you wish to go straight, use the bridge in the middle, lane No. 5 or 6 If on avenue normal rules (but if a 2 x 8 lane roads crosses will required 3 level's crossing)
  3. Is this possible ? The idea is to have a central route through town that has very high capacity 6 or 8 lanes and that those who want to go straight will not have to stop at intersections It's also probably possible with a 4x 8 lane intersection to if you using underpass and overpass Can someone maybe realize my idea I have checked some of the tools but have no idea how I shell make this a reality Hope you understand because my English is very poor