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    Hey I'm Alex, from Ireland. I'm a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations and have two fictional nations one, currently a side project, called Leeonia located just south of Ireland, bordering the Fictional Nation Histalpol to the east. My current project Nyanga, is just south of Gabon, bordering with the Congo.
    I hope you enjoy the content I post and thank you for reading!!

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    1. SimRico


      Checked it out and the wiki format is NICE!!!! I've et up an account so to post a comment, got the email confirmation and wiki says the confirmation link has activated my account, but "the wiki" says it can not find me

    2. IRE505


      Thank You! But I believe you have to be a member of the AOIN (Information here http://www.aoin.eu/ ) If you would like to join, feel free to ask any questions and I'd be glad to answer!