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  1. Show your Mountain Ranges

    The title says it all! Lets see your Mountain Ranges! I don't have any SC4 Access atm, but i'll show my favourite in real life range, it's the coastal BC range
  2. What Are Your System Specs?

    You have 10 gigs of VRAM on that 970? How lol. i5 4690k, O'Cd to 4ghz, cooled with Corsair H100i, Evga Geforce GTX 970 8Gb G.Skill Sniper Memory (1866mhz) ASRock z97 Anniversary 64gb Sandisk SSD 1tb WD black. 10tb external NAS.
  3. Westwood?! Name the city! Comment below!
  4. Why hello there fellow Simtop forum lurker, I see you want to see some of my awesomeness in Cities : Skylines, my first entry will include some work in the Cleveland map that I found on the workshop. Don't expect anything formal. This is just where I will post pretty pictures of various cities that I work on. You may be able to tell that I mainly focused on my CBD/Downtown, but I think the currenty result is pretty nice looking. no? Enjoy!
  5. CTM CJ Various Awesomeness

    Thanks, I find the workshop needs more time to mature, but for what I do have- it's pretty good!
  6. Show us your browser tabs!

    I hope someone hasn't created one of these yet. Anyway, post if you've brave.
  7. Member of the Month: November 2013

    Good work you all deserved it!
  8. Pennsylvania highway speed limits bumping up to 70mph

    Wow, lot's of you are really lucky, here in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada on our fast stretches of freeway, we average about 100km/h limit (no one follows it) and the most I've ever seen is a 110km/h limit. But on general municipal expressways, and shorter stretches of highway we average about 70-90km/h. Mind you there is basically no highway construction/maintenance, you can barely see the lines, there are generally only 4 lanes in total, and there are lots of corners and terrain differences, bad weather and dumb drivers. One of our good looking highways (likely in the Vancouver Area) If you want to see more, go to Drive BC, and you can see what our highways look like in the winter!
  9. Unigine Tropics Benchmark 1.3 on a Triple-Monitor Setup!

    I think it may be time for me to upgrade.
  10. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Heres mine, I used WindowsBlinds along with the Aero 8 skin to make it look like this.
  11. SC4 Memes

    There isn't a section for funny SC4 memes yet, so may as well make one, right? http://i.imgur.com/YXT3hTQ.jpg Thanks for the inspiration Haljackey.
  12. Special Entry 1- White Thanksgiving

    slickbig56: I don't think there is a mod that allows that, you'd need to photoshop it. 
  13. Fefenc's tutorials

    I could not agree more with your method of execution. Take a rep!
  14. Can I use photoshop to put images on Simtrop?

    Imgur, is what I use, yes you do get 'lolcats' but comments on the images are to be directly to the forums, and you can just do a direct link instead of the album link.
  15. Made a rather, interesting effort with the RHW, what do you think? http://imgur.com/HCtBogh,APyG9Rr

    1. clhigh7


      I like it, it's very compact and would be good for users wanting to replace any existing MHW.

    2. Chuck The Mayor

      Chuck The Mayor

      Thanks, that's what I was aiming for

  16. Building Abandonment Mod?

    Does anyone know if there's a mod to stop the ugly effects of residential building abandonment? Thanks in advance.
  17. Building Abandonment Mod?

    Yes I use the NAM, and all I care about is aesthetics and making pretty cities. City simulation does not matter to me, in fact the only time I ever use the simulator is to grow buildings, check traffic and let cars run. Thanks guys.
  18. Show Us Your Photos!

    I'm an avid skier here in Canada, and I have taken some great shots last winter with something as simple as a GoPro, here is one of them that I dug up.
  19. Show Us Your Photos!

    Windsor, ON is seriously that close to Detroit? Wow Nice view you got there;)
  20. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    I like the simplicity to your interchange, good work.
  21. Which Do You Favor? Poll

    Pepsi, other for phone carrier (Telus for me), I prefer Apple iPhones, Nike shoes, xBox's, SC4, Google, Simtropolis, wooden pencils and CoD.
  22. Show us your Apartment Complexes

    Good work, I like how you made it so it doesn't look repetitive.
  23. Show us your Apartment Complexes

    How many Sims?