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  1. Planning on doing a custom map, not anything in particular. Share resources and don't leave after an hour please. Use chat regularly. Cities by water please supply water if possible. Region name is Simmy, on Rambling Badlands. I don't care how many cities you have, but if we get more invites, please give your least favorite city up for a new person. Add Envyforme on Origin for invite. I am doing this to prevent people from not talking with others and leaving behind early abandoned cities.
  2. Hey everyone, i recently started a region I would like some active-people to play on. Ive been in regions in the past, but most people stop playing these cities =/ Which sucks! I want to see people that would play their cities on a regular bases. Server: Antartica Region: Simtropolis - Atoll Origin ID: Envyforme Add me, and Ill invite you to the game. Happy Citying!