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  1. Mods only working in Sandbox mode.

    Yes, multiple files for choice if you want to have fewer or more jobs. Maybe more realistic counts so that I can have all the service buildings and them be working efficiently without things shutting down because there aren't enough workers. It seems like if I get my city to over 100k people, there are tens of thousands of jobs available. And, I went to look at my mods again, they were working, but they aren't in the ecogames folder anymore. I don't know what's going on. Crazy thing.
  2. Mods only working in Sandbox mode.

    Capton. You're awesome. So far I have been able to fix this issue I was having - I haven't tested many times, but I started building a city and some things weren't there... then I moved ALL the mods to the ecogame folder. Now everything is working, AND the mods loaded into already created cities. Now, I don't play online at all, so I am not worried about rollbacks. I still have the scripts in both the other folders. And, Capton, since I have your attention. I would love to see mods or a mod tool that allows different job counts. Or maybe a high/low job count for each mod. Not sure if that would be easy. Also, and this is the golden wish for me - a new building that demolishes abandoned houses and rubble. Call it a real estate development office, or an add-on to the city hall perhaps.
  3. Mods only working in Sandbox mode.

    That's exactly what I have been trying... and it works sometimes. But sometimes it's not. I just installed the plop farther away mod, and it worked for the first test in both sandbox and regular, then I added in another mod, and now the power overhaul isn't working. Is there a reason that some mods would stop working or not load? I'm going to test it again and remove the one I just added... maybe there is a conflict.
  4. Installing a few mods - At first I just installed all the ones I wanted as instructed (including the scripts files) but nothing was working unless it went into SimCityData folder. Nothing registers in the user folder at all. When things are in the data folder, they work in sandbox mode, but not in regular mode. Is this normal? If not, do you have suggestion to fix it? To figure this out, I installed one at a time, started a new region and a new city for each test, and shut the whole game down between each one. If I had a file in both the user and the data folder, it did not work either.
  5. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I don't see why they can't make regions that you have to pass a computer test before you can have access to... It doesn't have to be all or nothing.. That way, my dad's computer (haha) can still run it, and I (with my rockstar computer) don't have to settle for these mamsy-pamsy tiles.
  6. It is my understanding that HQ buildings are supposed to share permissions regionally. I specifically interested in Electronics and Trade HQ... This is not happening in my cities. I have to build new HQ buildings for each city. Is this the same for everyone? Is it supposed to be that way? If it is supposed to be that way, but is not working, can one of our fabulous modders fix it? You know EA is lightyears away from actually fixing stuff like that!!!