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  1. SUGCPack

    Seconded. It worked for me when I took the file out.
  2. Just wondering... Now that we're offline, why does EA care about mods that change the gameplay? it's offline, so who's it hurting?
  3. TGV Train

    Do I need any DLC?
  4. I tried to download NFS from the free download and it gave me a message: "There was an error initiating your download. Please try again later." Why can't I download it?
  5. Cursor issue

    I have been having cursor trouble as well, but not like that. My cursor flashes and also leaves behind other weird cursors if i scroll.
  6. Where to find BAT software?

    Gmax won't take the password/license.I'm stuck on step 2 When the initialization dialogue takes you to turbo squid, fill out their form. They will give you a very long key. Use your mouse to copy this key and paste it in the key box for gmax. Do not try to copy it manually, and copy it very carefully with no extra characters. I try to copy and paste it and the continue button is greyed out.
  7. Where to find BAT software?

    Gmax won't take the password/license.I'm stuck on step 2
  8. Corner Gas

    Love the show... not Canadian... Just a wannabe. Great lot, Great Show
  9. Where to find BAT software?

    From Turbosquid. There's a link on the BAT page through the link in the above post. I don't mean to sound problematic, but now GMAX won't register my code. Others seem to have this problem with XP [i'm using XP] this is very frustrating.
  10. Where to find BAT software?

    It is available at SC4 Devotion. Be sure to read the listing. You will need Gmax installed first. Where do I find Gmax?
  11. I've been wanting to build for SC4 but I need the BAT. Where do I download this? Thx
  12. I downloaded the STL map and don't know where to put it. I tried it in plugins and regions and it won't show up. What do I do?
  13. Wall-E Garbage Truck replacement

    Undoubtedly the best download EVER