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    Sim City 4, computer binary programming, modernization, city planning, uranium (for some reason), minecraft, Sim City 2000, politics, cars, electro music.

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  1. Paint.NET is a reasonable replacement for Adobe Photoshop....

    1. MandelSoft


      Disregard Photoshop. Acquire GIMP :P

    2. simfan
    3. Lot Creator

      Lot Creator

      GIMP > Photoshop

  2. Minor Account scare..............(*twitches*).........

  3. I don't have much time for Simtropolis any more, I may be away for long periods of time (just saying).

  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    A HUGE update on that region Waterfront in Downtown Cityway
  5. My reputation hit double digits!

  6. CiM 2 released

    This has to be one of the best games ever. Cities XL combined with SC4 and CiM1. This game looks absolutely amazing, and I will be downloading it off Steam ASAP!
  7. Well, the whole weekend was more or less exciting than I hoped it to be

  8. 4-to-13 Plugin Converter

    Hahahahaaaa..................   Nice work though, guys :))
  9. Easter Sunday tomorrow.........Big Deal

  10. Easter is here, and I'm just sitting around doing nothing...

  11. Maybe my last update was a bit pointless