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  1. Garbage collection, bug?

    The only way for me to avoid this bug completely is to NOT send any trash/recycling trucks to a neighbor. Keep your trucks. Also, if you do delete the trash center or the recycling center after it was built, then the bug will appear in my city. When I build the garbage center or the recycling center, I never delete it, I never modify anything to it; I always make sure to find best placement for it. By doing this, my numbers are always in the green and daily numbers are not added to the previous ones. Because that's the bug, previous month numbers will be added to the current month and it keeps growing. I once had 2500 garbage picked out of 150 000 garbage. But half shift, all my garbage was collected. It is only a «numbers« bug, the garbage is actually being picked up. This bug reminds me the Airship passengers number bug... the monthly amount passengers are being added month after month to the airship and after a while, you can get that number in the 200-300k level, which makes no sense. Same for garbage/recycling. Just don't share trucks, don't delete it, don't modify it. Then your numbers will always be even. But once the bug is there, I've never been able to make it go away in the affected city.