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  1. Custom Region view help

    Thanks for the reply. Pretty sure you're right. Didn't know that I couldn't see the whole region before downloading those files (and finally figuring out how to use Terraformer). Anyway, good job by NHP for making such accurate maps (I grew up near Fort Walton Beach), but they're too big for my likings. I was hoping a way to shrink them down. Hope the new SC has a region zoom option (and they come out with another game sooner than every 13 years).
  2. Custom Region view help

    Correction / additional info. I'm running at 1366 x 768 (highest resolution for my monitor) in the .exe command prompt (another one does not use the forced resolution with the same results), so the x 1200 thing is actually not even an issue. I checked out the supported resolutions, and it seems 1360 x 768 is on there, so I'll change to that when I get a chance later tonight and see if that works. If it helps, I forgot my specs earlier: Vista 64 bit SP2 (I know, I know, but it's my travel computer which is rarely used) 2.2 AMD dual core (with only one core running for SC4) 4 gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 3650 with 1gb RAM (running SC4 in software mode or hardware with all AF/AA off with no results) Thanks
  3. I've used Terraformer to finally get several regions loaded. The issue I'm having is that in the game, the regions are all zoomed in where I see maybe 10 city tiles and now the entire region. However, when I go to any of the default regions, I can see the entire map and don't have to keep scrolling around to select a city tile. I thought maybe the problem was rendering above x 1200, so I dropped it down to 800 x 600 and still have the same issue with all rendered maps. Any suggestions? Thanks FYI, the regions are all some of NHP's creations; mainly working on Fort Walton Beach right now.