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  1. Hi there, Is there an option/mod to turn off roads snapping to the edge of the map for an intercity connection? I'm building a highway using RHM2 close to the edge of the map and it keeps on snapping to the edge to form an intercity connection. How do I stop this from happening? I tried putting in roads so it doesn't have the purple edge, but the RHM2 seems to ignore this and still sees the edge of the map as connectible. Any ideas how to get around this?
  2. Is there anyone actually still playing this game?

    I only recently started playing Cities XL again, after some initial frustration because I tried playing it with the same mindset and strategies as SC4. Now, after downloading some great mods, such as the Real Highway Mod, I'd much rather play CXL and SC4.
  3. Disabling auto landscaping

    Sorry, I should have specified. It's for Cities XL 2012 (I assumed it's obvious considering the sub-forum I posed my question )
  4. Disabling auto landscaping

    Let me explain what I mean: When I place a bridge, it automatically lifts the ground at the start of the bridge. If I demolish the bridge, I have to manually re-contour the ground, which sometimes means that infrastructure (nearby roads and buildings) are destroyed. Is there a way to disable/turn this auto-contouring/landscaping off?
  5. Changing UK to US in existing cities

    I had to change the city.cxl file, as well as the checkpoint.cxl file in each of the checkpoint and auto subfolders. Now I have to go through and replace all my roads, though. Going to be VERY EXPENSIVE!
  6. Changing UK to US in existing cities

    Thanks, Snick25, but that didn't work :-(. As soon as I went into my city again (after restarting the game, obviously) it reverted back to UK.
  7. Most of my cities are UK (driving on the left). I recently downloaded the Realistic Highway Mod, but it only works for US (driving on the right) cities. Is there any way to change this after creating the city? I have 2 cities (pop. 700,000+ and 500,000+ respectively) that desperately need better highways. Is there a way to change it?
  8. Arbogli Large GLR Avenue Station

    [quote name='_Blazter_' timestamp='1339272598'] Hmmmm when I installed it i have a blank space where the crosswalk is supposed to be. The vehicles won't pass through it either. What am I doing wrong? [/quote] I have exactly the same issue, then I reinstalled Shmails's GLRAvenue mod and it worked