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  1. MS Tower

  2. Update 67 | Dras'kon | Weather or not?

    nice use of the Shinjuku station do you get close to the 4million cap?
  3. you can see Chicago all the way from New Buffalo in Michigan...like 60 70 miles or something across the lake
  4. Xiding City; Gangnam Style Entry !

    cool city looks like a huge residential district whats the pop of it?........enjoyed the video too im gonna do that dance next time i head out to the pub XD
  5. MS Tower

    love the night lights!!!
  6. Chillin' out in, THE LOUNGE

    never seen the Shenzhen uni stadium lookin so good i got that and it looks pants lol.awesome cj
  7. ・2 | An iconic piece of Atarashima

    all the top notch asian cities are making me wanna put one of mine up there,you cant beat an asian cj with a little k-pop thrown in to smooth the edges seeing towerdudes cj's and this one has taught me that! better get to work hadnt I..........good job!!!
  8. HK3 : WanChai District

    wheres the Metropark Wanchai. hotel at? thats where ill be slumming it next year!!
  9. An ending to the day...

    thanks for the vacation advice towerdude.....Hong Kong it is lol........how do you get everything so uniform in your suburbs mines all crap lol......i found out that song was actually Korean,.its a nice touch....... RaNia - Dr feel good.. is a good song for a medical district...=D...just sayin lol
  10. Renagawa City Hall

    quality city pal....i see all the great CJs and wish i had something of substantial quality lol....the music video made me happy too lmao it may just of changed my plans from a vacation to hong kong to japan instead hehehe