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  1. OK, we all know RippleJet did some tremendous work with his Immortality Killer to demolish lots that can't be bulldozed regularly.

    However, I also think he left some potential unused. Instead of the excavator as the overhanging building, he could have used a tank model and called his creation the "Lot Gun".

    Erm... I'll show myself out... *:ninja:

    1. Fantozzi


      Isn't that a question of cultural imprint? I mean germans perhaps would prefer some kind of bio label or recycling symbol instead of a tank. French or spanish would prefer a gender related symbol (better not to go into details here). Those who play sc4 in Vatican City may prefer to see a christian cross (or maybe they deny the existance of an 'immortally killer' at all).  Well and communists maybe they prefer a fist? And so on.

      Which makes me think if a beckoning cat wouldn't have been the best prop instead.



      As when cats seems only to beckoning you never can be shure if they aren't catching (you, the mouse). And the immortallity killer basically is the cat that catches a mouse (lot). Isn't it?


    2. SimCoug


      Why stop with the tank?  Add in the nuke effect and you could really take things it to the next level!

    3. Terring


      Why not Rainbow Dash? Her nuclear rainbooms can help a lot *:D