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  1. I went on a little downloading spree yesterday to catch up on SC4 buildings that I hadn't downloaded yet. I am yet to test-plop them in game and have a close-up look at them, but one thing that immediately caught my attention is that we have reached an incredible overall quality level!

    I mean, I technically know that the BATters have been pushing the envelope over all those years, not least thanks to better tools at their disposal. And with major contributors like Diego Del Llano, JP Schriefer and nofunk (among others), I shouldn't be surprised.

    And yet, I was still kinda blown away by the sheer amount of ridiculously good BATs! And that's without counting the high-end lots and prop/texture packs we have these days.

    The SC4 community never ceases to amaze me. I love it!

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    2. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Yes, and even if the overall quantity has decreased, the number of items that I actually download remains much more stable, or at least that is my impression. It may have decreased as well, but not as much as the quantity of STEX uploads in total, not by a far margin.

      All this needs to be considered taking into account that my stash of game assets has grown bigger over the years and, as a consequence, my demand in many categories has decreased and I can afford being way pickier than years ago, when I had to take what was on offer if I wanted to take anything at all.

    3. matias93


      For the newer ones here, sometimes to look at old files ignites some smug and nasty feeling on the lines of "why all of this is so less perfect than the newer uploads?" It's like a reflex impulse one has to actively control to appreciate the virtues of the old works, whilst not so technically proficient, are much more abundant, diverse and fit in many different roles.

    4. Fantozzi


      When I browse through the content it seems to me there were always periods a handfull of batters uploaded frequently and when they stopped it became quite on the STEX. If there were 'better days' they did come and go several times - and always dependend on a few extraordinary batters - but not the way that since 2005 or 2008 the amount of uploads constantly decreased. At least me, I can't remember a year where many different batters ruled the STEX. It was always a come and go, a joining and leaving of a handfull of people. Thats the reason I think, why uploads are cyclical - because batting never was spread out on hundreds of people each doing one bat, but by a few batters doing 20, 30 or more bats. So if a batter leaves community it's very different in the second scenario. It's always a noticeable loss.

      And so when one of them reappears after a long hiatus - it will always be festival day.