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  1. Just back from the RUSH concert... yeah!

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    2. jlt122


      Wow! I am amazed as well.

    3. Bipin


      Rush is my biology teacher's favourite band. Think of the craziest fan you've ever met, and he's ten times more than that. As a testament to his love for the band, he was determined to meet the members, and after several years he was finally able to do so. He did literally everything he could. As much as being a science teacher negates the ability to wholeheartedly believe in a religion, Alex Lifeson is his demigod.

    4. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      @LTIA: Haha, nice nick! :) Yes, they still tour, and they still play 3-3.5 hrs! I could have listened for at least 2 hrs more... |@Bipin: Well, I'm not that crazy, but Alex Lifeson sure is an underrated guitarist! Maybe because the other musicians in most bands don't shine as much as Geddy Lee and Neil Peart... the skill of all three of them is just ridiculous.