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    Steam Locomotives, SC4, Wargame series, Old Volkswagens, Tube Stereo Amplifiers
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  1. My friends, the unthinkable has happened.

    It now appears that I am more popular than my posts. My likes exceed my post/content count. Although I suspected this day would come due to the like-prone members that frequent the forum, it has come sooner than expected.

    Thank you all for liking my stuff. Just be careful not to like everything lest the tag lose its meaning.

    A sad day, I'm sorry to say. I may have to spend it binging in the off-topic forum games section (which I frequent once in a blue moon) to bring the internet universe back into balance.

    Now I only didn't have to contend with the 2-post rule there....

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      You had me worried there for a moment with that first line (which just showed in the sidebar)... *:P


    2. APSMS


      Best part about that? Totally unintentional. Didn't even realize that had happened until I saw it in the sidebar about 10 minutes later. Sorry for the scare. Hopefully, though, after Brexit and Trump last year, you didn't actually think I was going to have something even more unthinkable.

    3. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Yeah, there sure has been a fair share of unthinkables in the past year or so... :whatevs: